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A wide range of schemes is already in place to broaden your horizons

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We continually update our development plan, prioritising programmes that help you grow both professionally and personally.


The budget allocated to our range of training programmes, which is regularly expanded and tailored to changes in our business lines, is constantly on the rise. Our training plan is based on two complementary approaches, comprising a training support system, and personal and independent career exploration tools.

  • Mandatory training courses (safety, “Caces” safe driving certificate, etc.)
  • Bespoke business programmes tailored to market challenges (team leaders, production managers, etc.)
  • Cross-functional courses (office equipment, languages, etc.)
  • Management programmes
  • Support with interpersonal skills (adaptability, forms of interaction, etc.)

All our employees have access to BYLearn, an e-learning platform that they can use to perfect their skills or simply explore new territory at their own pace.

Using digital technology to support training programmes

To give our employees maximum choice and independence, our training teams recently created the Evoly application, which enables people to explore and build their own training plan using their smartphones. Accessible to everyone, it gives off-site teams easy access to the catalogue of training courses and pinpoints training centres via geolocation across France. Find out more about Evoly and the process adopted by the team that developed it in an interview with SERCE, the French association of electrical and HVAC engineering companies.

Virtual classrooms
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Virtual classrooms

A recent addition to our acculturation and training toolkits. These provide a virtual environment in which employees can come together to study topics developed by in-house operations experts. One of the 2017 topics focused on LinkedIn strategy, for example.


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Collaborative support

As part of our BYES 2020 strategic business plan, a multi-disciplinary group of in-house Community Managers has been formed worldwide, receiving training in positive approaches to working and new collaborative methods. They rely on a “cookbook” for running meetings (ideation, cohesion, decision, project), based on sensitive and relational intelligence.

These Community Managers (numbering around 100 worldwide at end 2017) are responsible for disseminating good practice and supporting teams seeking to update their collaborative methods. They are also tasked with mentoring Makers, initiators of specific good ideas which the company then helps to get off the ground and standardise.