Climate engineering

For sustainable energy performance

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Ventilation, air conditioning, heating, hydraulic networks, fluid distribution, smoke extraction... No matter how complex your project is, you can rely on our recognised experts, our tried and tested methodology and our innovative tools to guarantee a better working environment.


An effective response

  • Improving conditions for office occupants
  • Enhancing your properties and making them sustainable
  • Meeting regulatory constraints and environmental standards
  • Creating the conditions for optimal energy performance
  • Making savings on maintenance and operating costs

Thinking up solutions together

Develop more comfortable and safer installations with a comprehensive range of services:

  • Building the air conditioning, heating, ventilation, smoke extraction (high-rise and public-access buildings in particular), plumbing, special fluids and sprinkling installations
  • Design and construction study: dimensions, heat balance and regulatory calculations
  • HVACe expert assessment: electricity and automation/regulation studies, in-house development, handover to the operator of commissioned installations
  • Additional customised services: maintenance and repairs, regulatory visits, modification works, safety solutions

With Bouygues Energies & Services, benefit from recognised expertise in controlled critical environments.
Our experts study, develop and maintain your projects in Industrial fields of activity such as pharmacy, chemistry, automotive, defence, nuclear or health and research:

  • Energy audit
  • Services in all trades
  • Maintenance contract with a performance obligation

Find out here about the renovation project for Challenger, the Bouygues Construction headquarters. Two goals: strengthen site energy performance and improve comfort for occupants. Bouygues Energies & Services has dedicated all its expertise to making Challenger a positive energy building.

Targeted support in the field

Our Climate Engineering experts support you on a daily basis and provide you with useful innovations to digitalise your project's design and monitoring:

  • COMET enables management of all the documents necessary for the monitoring and progress of construction on the site (studies, self-checking and commissioning) from any location and in total transparency.
  • eDOE is a multi-functional IT tool that enables one to easily find all the up-to-date paperless documents (via web access) that are necessary for operation and management.
  • BIM: (Building Information Modelling) is for optimising and anticipating choices and managing technical and organisational interfaces to reduce the work lead times and costs.

Illustration of the BIM application in the Accor Hotels Arena renovation project: complex building and very tight deadlines. Find out about this performance from the accounts of three employees, at the heart of this unique project.

For all your projects, we make our commitments contractual over the long term via Global Energy Performance Markets :

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Our ommitments

Visual technicians Bouygues Energies & Services
  • Proximity

Teams in close geographical proximity to guarantee response times and equipment availability.

  • Sustainability

Optimised waste management, selective sorting of inert waste, ordinary industrial waste, special industrial waste, metal and packaging and Carbon Footprint.

  • Transparency

Access to all the documentary and works progress data.

  • Certification

NF Bâtiments tertiaires neufs (French standard for new commercial buildings), HQE, BREEAM International new Construction 2016, ISSEO charter, WELL Building Standard.

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Design, build and operate

To guarantee the comfort and energy performance of your buildings, let's study all your project's phases together: requirements analysis, facility management services, infrastructure optimisation and operational performance.

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