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The Challenge  

Bouygues Energies & Services UK Head Office was previously a traditional office, set over two floors with large personal desks and dedicated directors' offices. The organisation was continuing to experience steady growth, and in order to accommodate this an office redesign was required. The principal aim of this project was to move away from individual desks and offices(my space) to create a new working environment with more collaborative spaces, social and meeting areas(our space). 

Our Solution

Bouygues E&S' in-house Digital, Design and Engineering Project Team managed the agile transformation of the Head Office. The team handled the transformation’s business case, and were responsible for delivering design, refurbishment management, change management and ongoing facilities management.

Jo Adams, Senior Interior Designer at Bouygues E&S said:

“As the senior interior designer creating intelligent spaces that support new ways of working for this project, data played one of the key factors to making this agile working project a huge success. From understanding how people used their existing space, through to the live environment. Our approach guaranteed a unique experience for visitors and building users.”

Data-Led Design

Interviews, workshops and presentations were carried out with all staff, to develop an understanding of how each business unit functions and operates. Hence, staff feedback was captured to find what requirements were needed to create the new agile working environment.

A utilisation study was also conducted to find how staff were using the existing space. Throughout the whole process the team engaged with staff on new ways of working and used collaborative forums, 3D walkthroughs and etiquette guides to foster participation and input.

In order to manage the transition, the team implemented a series of smaller changes using the Kotter '8-steps for leading change' framework. The Bouygues E&S board embraced  the new ways of working and led by example. Patrick Doyle, Head of Energy Business Development at Bouygues E&S said:

“Working at Becket House allows us to be agile day to day, it reduces the gap between different entities, enabling cross collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and information. Each individual team is empowered to work more closely and effectively, no matter what specialism, facilitating improved working, and offerings for our customers.”

Benefit to Bouygues E&S

The number of floors has been halved, decreasing square metres by 26%, increasing capacity by 66% and spaces to work by 31%.

After the redesign, an employee experience survey was conducted scoring the working environment in the top 4%.

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