Optimised automobile production

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Serving you

In an increasingly competitive automobile market, you are looking to optimise your production capacities and cut your costs. You can rely on a trusted partner who is familiar with the automobile industry and will help you improve your industrial processes.


An effective response

Setting quality and performance targets, we will:

  • standardise operating methods
  • improve service quality and cutting deadlines
  • optimise maintenance
  • revamp, adapt and relocate your production lines

Thinking up solutions together

To ensure the success of your project, we provide you with comprehensive support from design to operation.

Industrial studies and master plan

  • Preliminary Vision and Industrial Strategy study, from definition of objectives to the timetable for rolling out lines: identification of needs, functional analysis, scheduling, master plan, preliminary architectural design
  • Preliminary design and detailed preliminary design for the industrial and building programme: technical specifications, preliminary design, detailed preliminary design, target price, schedule

Administrative formalities and financial package

  • Administrative and property-related formalities: identification of potential sites, construction permits, environmental permits, connectivity, etc.
  • Financial engineering: identification of banks and sources of equity, sale and leaseback agreements, raising of funds for construction

Industrial design and execution

  • Comprehensive support from the prototype to commissioning
  • Planning of all tasks and critical paths
  • Mobilisation of appropriate expertise: robotisation, test benches, specific tooling, compliance, process automation, retrofitting, complex systems, assembly lines

New works to improve the availability of plant and equipment

  • Planning of a turnkey project spanning Building, Infrastructure, Utilities, Process
  • Instrumentation, automation, robotisation, test benches, specific tooling, compliance, process automation, retrofitting, complex systems
  • Integration of all works packages: civil engineering, infrastructure, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, service networks and utilities

Pre-empting shutdowns and industrial relocation management

  • Preparation of a turnkey solution
  • Provision of tailored services: preliminary feasibility study, dismantling of machines and utilities, handling, transport, reassembly, construction of utilities and power networks, adaptation of lines, retrofitting and compliance
  • Mobilisation of logistics expertise to ensure the restart of production with the same nameplate capacity: adaptation of robot movements and paths, equipment location plotting, alignment of machinery


  • Audit
  • Technical training
  • Technical manuals
  • Change management support
  • Procedures and processes

Optimum production line maintenance

  • Mobilisation of a maintenance engineering department: start-up methods, standardisation, skills management, computer-assisted maintenance management, e-learning
  • Predictive, preventive and curative maintenance
  • Contractualised commitments (resources, outcomes, expenditures)

Harnessing a wealth of expertise for your projects

  • Power voltage and communications voltage electrical systems
  • Control systems
  • Industrial IT/MES
  • Instrumentation
  • CIM (Computer Integration Manufacturing)
  • Ventilation
  • Robotics and cobotics
  • Mechanical engineering & toolmaking
  • Special machinery
  • Process network piping
  • Critical controlled environments
  • Industrial relocation
  • Industrial maintenance

Targeted support in the field

Bouygues Energies & Services can draw on solid assets in all its lines of business:

  • a strong presence in France and around the world: through the Group we have long-term operations in 80 countries and are also involved in major projects that call for high-level technical skills
  • differentiation through innovation at all stages of the project, from initial contact with the customer through design to execution, backed up by strong partnerships;
  • many years’ experience of managing complex projects, with highly motivated and skilled staff who enable us to perfectly meet our customers’ needs
  • a capacity to adapt to changing markets
  • control of operational and financial risks
  • solid financial results: the last ten years have demonstrated our capacity to generate increasing sales while maintaining a good level of profitability, backed up by a healthy and robust financial structure

Attentive to your every need, we have a team of 600 industrial experts in France, the UK and Canada assigned to design, engineering, commissioning and training, plus 3,000 employees assigned to execution and industrial installation.

Our commitments:

  • Continuous improvement of the customer’s process and its operating safety, guaranteeing the long-term performance of facilities
  • Compliance with your safety standards and regulatory requirements
  • Robust, secure, safe and resilient facilities
  • High-quality work by skilled and responsive staff based near your location
  • A feedback loop to help standardise operating methods, improve service quality and optimise deadlines

An engineering department focuses specifically on industrial maintenance contracts:

  • master plan, quality assurance plan, safeguarding plan, shared management tools, implementation of indicators
  • computer-assisted maintenance management: installation and parameter setting
  • Lean Micro Innovation, FMECA, obsolescence studies, failure analysis, feasibility studies, etc.
  • skills management: e-learning, assessment

For your industrial project, we seek out and implement the best available new technologies for even better performance, by:

  • Using BIM technologies to improve productivity
  • Studying the impact of IoT to optimise your maintenance
  • Reducing your energy consumption

Together we define your 4.0 factory of the future with a rigorous methodology…

…in the framework of a trust-based project approach:

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