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Mayotte archipelago increases its electrical capacity

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EDM appointed us to build a 90kV high voltage double-circuit transmission line between LONGONI and KAWENI in Mayotte in response to strong growth in electricity consumption in the region.


km of double-circuit power lines




hours of production

We were involved in the development of the electricity network in Mayotte during the dry season between April and October 2013. The LONGONI-KAWENI project is the first phase of a comprehensive programme to create a high voltage network in the archipelago.

The LONGONI-KAWENI double circuit line works involved:

  • installing 8km of double circuit (two circuits supported by each tower)
  • building 33 towers
  • using 800 cubic metres of concrete
  • raising 310 tonnes of towers, of which 250 tonnes using a gin pole

In order to create as few tracks as possible and to minimise their impact on the environment, Bouygues Energies & Services opted to use a Lama-type helicopter. Overall, 250 helicopter hours were required to:

  • transport equipment, reinforcements and assembled panels
  • pour concrete

As part of the project, the light cables were unwound and 80% of the foundations poured thanks to a helicopter. Furthermore, 80% of the towers were raised using a gin pole. The works involved 50 employees during peak periods and some 30,000 hours of production.

We relied on its strong track record and experience to carry out the works in a short timeframe, since there was less than a year between the order being placed and completion. This large-scale project required full control over the specific environmental and technical conditions, in terms of meeting environmental requirements, dealing with a remote site, using a gin pole for lifting operations and using a helicopter, etc.

We are developing increasingly ambitious overhead power line projects in Africa and Europe. Find out about the Haute Durance project for example.

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