Fibre and radio deployment and maintenance 

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Serving your needs

Installing, commissioning and maintaining telecoms equipment doesn’t just require competent, locally-based technicians, it also requires seamless logistical and organisational planning to ensure your projects are successfully completed. Axione’s teams and expertise in telecommunications infrastructure are available to you throughout the country to help you carry out your projects.


Tangible outcomes

Rely on our turnkey service to:

  • optimise your costs by pooling maintenance jobs
  • reduce response times across all your sites
  • extend your business to new regions
  • benefit from a national pilot scheme for your project
  • minimise the impact and occurrence of incidents
  • guarantee network performance and availability for your clients
  • future-proof your infrastructure and facilities
  • improve your competitiveness
  • offer new experiences and services

Solutions designed with you in mind

Axione provides end-to-end support, with centralised management, to help you carry out your fibre-optic or radio deployment, installation or maintenance projects.

Our comprehensive service covers:

  • Engineering, duct and fibre-optic cable laying (pulling, blowing, splicing)
  • Site identification, negotiation and development (clean rooms, towers, shelters, etc.)
  • Logistics
  • Equipment configuration, installation, activation, testing and validation
  • Information from clients or sites prior to works
  • Project management, advice and design
  • Obtaining administrative approvals
  • Negotiation with lessors
  • Preventive, corrective and ongoing maintenance

We operate nationwide:

  • 26 branches
  • 500 technicians
  • 200 Bouygues Energies & Services units providing logistical support

We work with major telecoms equipment manufacturers

We interface with your Information Systems to optimise deployment efficiency

Supporting you in the field

Axione applies its expertise and organisational skills to optimise worksites and maintenance jobs, fostering the long-term viability and scalability of deployed infrastructure through:

its experience in a wide range of technologies, which enables it to install all types of systems: fibre, Ethernet, IP, WDM, 3G/4G, TETRA, PMR, national shared transmission infrastructure, xDSL, microwave links, IoT, etc.

its ability to adapt and operate:

  • across all types of sites even in complex environments: clients’ sites, backbones, data centres, towers, railways, airports, power plants, etc.
  • across all types of issues: civil works, air conditioning, energy, etc.
  • by incorporating your specific requirements related to your premises and their environment (night work, aesthetic considerations, etc.)

Our commitments

Photo of telecom technician
  • Security

Secure encryption-based communications; staff, worksite, system and location security; building and area access control.

  • Flexibility

Digital infrastructure that can be tailored to your needs and developments: coverage extension, incorporation of new services, terminal and accessory replacement.

  • Efficiency

End-to-end project support and contractually guaranteed high availability for your network.

  • Long-term viability

Architecture that fits your current and future digital behaviours; proven and reliable systems; existing equipment and emerging technologies taken into consideration.

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