Indoor radio coverage

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Serving your needs

Are you looking to ensure that your staff, visitors and users enjoy good indoor mobile network coverage? Bouygues Energies & Services subsidiary Axione provides neutral indoor radio coverage infrastructure that accommodates all carriers and types of network.


Tangible outcomes

Our indoor radio coverage helps you:

  • Optimise staff productivity within your site
  • Ensure building security thanks to the continuous availability of emergency networks
  • Deliver an ongoing, effective digital experience
  • Promote your digital assets and brand image

Together, we facilitate everyday life for users and make it easier for businesses to function

Solutions designed with you in mind

We leverage our expertise in all types of radio technology and our partnerships with specialised equipment manufacturers to provide you with an indoor radio coverage solution that fully meets your requirements:

  • active or passive distributed antenna systems
  • small cell technology
  • pico base stations
  • an ecosystem of partners to incorporate new services in areas such as smart buildings

Supporting you in the field

Supported by our radio design office, each Axione branch is capable of managing your project from start to finish according to your needs and without relying on subcontractors:


  • on-site technical visit
  • development of technical solution
  • validation by telecommunications carriers
  • preparation of technical reports (health & safety, works to be performed, etc.)


  • deployment of infrastructure in building
  • equipment installation and commissioning
  • link testing


  • acceptance testing of all infrastructure deployed
  • preparation of as-built file containing network design drawings and installation specifications

Follow up:

  • Corrective, preventive and ongoing maintenance
  • Electro-magnetic field measurement

Our commitments

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  • Security

Secure encryption-based communications; staff, worksite, system and location security; building and area access control.

  • Flexibility

Digital infrastructure that can be tailored to your needs and developments: coverage extension, incorporation of new services, terminal and accessory replacement.

  • Efficiency

End-to-end project support and contractually guaranteed high availability for your network.

  • Long-term viability

Architecture that fits your current and future digital behaviours; proven and reliable systems; existing equipment and emerging technologies taken into consideration.

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