Public Initiative Networks

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Serving your needs

Thanks to the French National Broadband Scheme, Public Initiative Networks (PINs) provide homes and businesses in less densely populated areas with access to the best services from Internet Service Providers. As a leading player in the PIN market, Bouygues Energies & Services subsidiary Axione can help you develop your region.


Serving your goals

  • Enhance your region’s attractiveness
  • Develop jobs by improving competitiveness and the local economy
  • Stimulate services in the market and new digital experiences
  • Deliver greater solidarity and cohesion between rural regions and urban areas
  • Foster the redistribution of business and household purchasing power
  • Improve quality of life for residents

Bespoke solutions

For some 15 years, Axione has been providing local authorities with its technical and commercial expertise in the design, construction and operation of PINs:

  • committing to projects over the long term
  • promoting the opening up of networks to facilitate integration
  • positioning itself exclusively in the public service concession market
  • supporting your sales people through its local teams
  • ensuring operational teams respond quickly

Furthermore, Axione contributes towards job development. It has set up specific fibre-optic training programmes for staff and local partners and has forged partnerships with social inclusion bodies to help people who are struggling to find employment retrain for the digital sector. Axione works with various French employment services and initiatives, including the “Maison de l'Emploi et des Entreprises” (MDEE), “Groupement Employeurs pour l'Insertion et la Qualification” (GEIQ), “Plan Local pour l'insertion et l'Emploi” and “Pôle Emploi”.

Experts at your service

Axione’s experts use their know-how and a tailored organisational system to meet the requirements of your local authority and users:

  • A test lab that validates Axione solutions and services
  • A national monitoring / operation centre that runs 24/7
  • Information systems and standardised processes
  • Multi-technology expertise: WDM, MPLS, IP, Ethernet, 3G/4G, TETRA, IoT, etc.
  • An ecosystem of partners capable of addressing all use cases

Rely on Axione’s solutions to securely test, adapt and operate your region’s digital assets.

Our commitments

Photo of telecom technician
  • Security

Secure encryption-based communications; staff, worksite, system and location security; building and area access control.

  • Flexibility

Digital infrastructure that can be tailored to your needs and developments: coverage extension, incorporation of new services, terminal and accessory replacement.

  • Efficiency

End-to-end project support and contractually guaranteed high availability for your network.

  • Long-term viability

Architecture that fits your current and future digital behaviours; proven and reliable systems; existing equipment and emerging technologies taken into consideration.

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