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Connectivity, digitalisation and telecommunication in buildings

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Nowadays, work is increasingly collaborative and mobility within a building or between sites requires access to a personalised working set-up at all times. Network and telecoms choices, WIFI connectivity, IP telephony, video conferencing, cybersecurity, cloud computing, convergence and dynamic display - all these solutions are at the heart of a modular, collaborative and secure working space on any device (tablet, PC or smartphone).


An effective response

From listening attentively to your working methods and their developments, let's design together:

  • smart, modular and connected buildings
  • scalable solutions that are more flexible with a high level of availability
  • a high level of services for occupants who are increasingly mobile
  • information security and access to applications, anticipating your cybersecurity challenges.
  • maintenance that enhances your buildings with guaranteed energy performance
  • controlled operating costs by outsourcing services or from virtual infrastructure

Thinking up solutions together

Let's think about the range of services adapted to your occupants' expectations:

simplified internal communication: with IP television, dynamic display and better equipped meeting areas.

collaborative tools with IP telephony, video conferencing, telepresence, messaging services or information and document sharing.

secure access to personalised work set-ups anywhere at any time, whether you are mobile in the building or moving from one site to another if your company has multiple sites.

optimal security conditions with your Cyber-Security challenges taken into account: making data, internet access and applications secure irrespective of the device used (PC, smartphone or tablet)

optimal availability of services and equipment with a responsive maintenance and repair service.

Let's adapt the infrastructure to the changes in your company, its working methods or its organisation:

With high-performance, scalable superfast networks, for increasingly large quantities of data exchanged, in-house, between sites and with the outside, in either wired or wireless mode

By developing cloud computing, to migrate business applications to the cloud with the overhaul of the information system and to migrate servers and workstations in order to gain agility, reduce costs and provide greater application availability to users

By permanently supporting you with security and cybersecurity: auditing your situation, deploying market solutions adapted to your needs and installing and maintaining network solutions and network security

With customised, agile data centre solutions and optimised maintenance and support services to control your costs.

We offer a comprehensive range of expertise and solutions:

Smart cabling infrastructure:

- Standard cabling

- ECO-FlexIT or FTTZ cabling

- Scalable Voice Data Image infrastructure

- Dynamic display

IP infrastructure:


- Wi-Fi with HotSpot solution

Collaborative solutions

- Unified communication over IP (telephony, messaging and status)

- Collaborative work

- Video conferencing

- Telepresence

Data Centre

- Requirements and sourcing studies

- Outsourcing and hosting

- Virtual servers

- Backup and storage solution

- Applications in SaaS mode

Cyber-Security to make information secure

- Access infrastructure, information systems, workstations, roaming access and applications

Innovation is at the heart of the project approach that we will implement together:

Exploiting all the IOT and machine to machine opportunities

Anticipating the operating challenges from the building design phase, with BIM (Building Information Modelling)

Ensuring convergence of network multi-modal infrastructure (BMS, Safety, etc.) to guarantee the economic performance of projects (materials sourcing and ease of operation).

A comprehensive, customised approach to support you, from design to operation:

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We involve our partners to assemble the best technology:


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Targeted support in the field

Dedicated teams, from the upstream audit of your challenges, to the downstream qualification of operating methods or facility management:

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To guarantee the performance and availability of the solutions implemented, you will have a dedicated client structure:

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We provide you with supervision solutions that are perfectly adapted to multi-technology and multi-manufacturer environments to ensure the optimal operation of IT equipment. For supervision: networks infrastructure, communication infrastructure, and communication quality; we pro-actively manage failure detection, and therefore repairs, so that the failure is detected before the user is aware of it:

Alarm installation

Development of information feedback

Voice quality monitoring

Opening incidents

Remote or on-site repairs

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