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Renovation of Rennes airport’s

main runway

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In these unique circumstances due to the health crisis, we have carried out the renovation of the runway lights of Rennes Airport’s main runway. This runway is used to guide planes coming in to land. The taxiways (routes aircraft take when moving to or from the runway) were also renovated. Given the situation, we have established a new organisational and logistical structure. Our specialist airport sector teams collaborated with several companies on this project.


specialised employees

and subcontractors

10 km

of trenches

completed in 8 days


80 km

of cables laid

for the runway lights

Our service

The site reopened on 14th April 2020 with the implementation of new sanitary measures. In order to meet our deadlines, the teams worked 6-day weeks. 10 km of micro-trenches were dug using 5 Cleanfast trenching machines, allowing for 40 km of primary cables and 40 km of secondary cables to be laid. These provide power to 300 runway lights (runway edges, runway junctions, and taxiways).

“On 14th April, we returned to Rennes. All of our employees were geared up and ready to go. But before we could get started, we had to answer a lot of questions regarding mask wearing, protective measures and gestures for the transmission of disease, accommodation, catering, etc., because we are all from Lyon,” explains Site Project Manager, Stéphane Itric.

After conformity checks on the installations, the site was declared complete on 7th May 2020, less than a month later. Runway lighting tests were carried out during the night, verifying that everything was working in accordance with civil aviation specifications, so the project could be delivered the following day.

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