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Because tomorrow's towns and cities are being built today, let's develop a town or city where all the equipment is connected through a high-speed network and let's roll out services that are useful to everyone: customised public lighting, smart parking, CCTV, electric transport and a whole series of new citizen services. Let's develop a Smart City that brings more well-being and services while supporting the energy transition and innovation.


An effective response

Let's build a connected region together :

  • Let's develop our public assetsand equipment and optimise their management
  • Let's improve the efficiency and coordination of town and city services
  • Let's reduce energy consumption, in particular lighting and public buildings
  • Let's develop new services: information, transport, Wi-Fi, CCTV, electric transport, lighting and smart parking.
  • Let's stimulate the region's development with open data for start-ups and SMEs

Thinking up solutions together

Do you wish to provide new services to inhabitants, improve the efficiency of city services and contribute to the economic development of the region? Together, let's roll out an intelligent and connected city, a smart city designed for and with its inhabitants.

At the core of this system, let's develop an Urban Hypervisor, connected to all the city's equipment. It enables us to be completely familiar with the equipment, optimise its management and improve coordination between the services. The result: greater efficiency to improve inhabitants' quality of life!

See our video about the Urban Hypervisor and set yourself in the scene: you have the city's equipments and services under control at your fingertips!
An accident takes place, information is fed back instantly, in a few clicks you access the CCTV cameras, you alter the traffic light intersections, you coordinate the arrival of the emergency services and you inform the population...

For towns, cities and their inhabitants, the daily benefits are :

A more connected and therefore more clever town or city:

  • A high-speed and radio network to connect all the equipment
  • An urban hypervisor to manage and supervise the equipment and services in real time 24/7
  • Intelligence for security and safety: CCTV with image analysis, detection of abnormal events, retractable terminals, fire detection, signage, traffic surveillance and controlled access in the town centre
  • Citybox transforms the electrical network into a high speed network supporting new services: Wi-Fi in the city, roaming cameras, sound systems, information in real time

For a more economical therefore more sustainable city:

  • remotely managed 100% LED public lighting and remote management at the light point with CityBox, which adapts in real time to the presence of pedestrians and vehicles
  • Public buildings and equipment that are managed better with optimised repairs and maintenance operations
  • Management and optimisation of energy consumption with an Energy Performance Contract

A 'smarter' city where living is easier:

  • Improved transport where traffic light intersections give priority to buses and parking becomes smart by guiding users to free parking spaces.
  • Supervised electric transport services that are easy to use with the application and Alizé charging stations.
  • Real-time communication between the city and its inhabitants with citizen applications. Inhabitants now make their cities work!

For SMEs and start-ups: economic development opportunities:

  • An Open Data platform which collects and publishes all of a region's data
  • A truly innovative ecosystem which re-uses, compares and enhances data
  • An open innovation programme where start-ups, major groups, schools & universities work together to create new services
  • An Open Lab located at the heart of the cities as a life size place for experimentation
  • Economic development in the regionand job creation with data as a raw material: data is the new oil!

Getting to know and understand the city and its region better with GetYourSpace:

  • A complete audit of your city in 24 hours
  • A web interface and a graphic representation for supporting decisions
  • A precise diagnosis to identify performance improvements in terms of public lighting, sound nuisance, etc.

With GetYourSpace, Bouygues Energies&Services has developed an embedded solution which identifies, collects and analyses the environment's data and converts it into map format. We measure the quality of public lighting, the pollution level and the intensity and type of sounds road by road, metre by metre... It takes just a few days to map a whole city. GetYourSpace also identifies and collects a precise image of the urban equipment (streetlight network for example). The data and the images collected are analysed by powerful models and converted into map format, accessible via a web interface. It is then possible to develop specific recommendations to optimise the infrastructure and improve the quality of services offered to inhabitants. GetYourSpace combines transport, big data, modelling and mapping to develop regions.

See the connected city model by visiting our connected city showroom

Targeted support in the field

Take advantage of close support, with a single point of contact. Our experts are dedicated to developing customised solutions that are able to provide a scalable response to your local authority's expectations. With a sustainable commitment culture, Bouygues Energies & Services undertakes long-term contracts (PPP, CRAEM) by your side, as well as energy performance or Public Service Delegation contracts. These contractual methods are a guarantee to make your infrastructure more reliable, more efficient and more economical, in keeping with your budgetary constraints. We involve our partners: major groups, start-ups and SMEs to form the 'consortium' of experts able to meet your region's expectations.

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Our Commitments

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  • Sustainability

Renewed infrastructure with optimised maintenance.

  • Result

A budget with no surprises and energy performance commitments.

  • Availability

24/7 services supervision with recovery time guarantee.

  • Local life

The involvement of local partners to perform work, in an approach that promotes social integration.

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